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1 July 1974
It's just a basic journal of whatever i need to rant or rave about...despite the wankers' disapproval HAHAHAHAHA

I'm a 38 year old single rocker mother of 3 daughters ages 20, 18, and 11. I also have the CUTEST grandson who was born on October 6th, 2010...my favorite band is the Gazette; my #1 one platonic love, true inspiration and hero...URUHA!!!!! Love him to pieces to the point where his Kanji IS tattooed on my forearm...AND DAMN PROUD OF IT TOO!!!!

I love old school metal bands also...

4 dream concerts that came true: Def Leppard on May 2003, KISS on August 2004, Motley Crue on September 2005 and HIM on November 2007...next concert that i want to see and am determined to see no matter what it takes...The GazettE sometime really, really soon...AND IT WILL HAPPEN!!!

I really DO NOT care what people think of me; if you think highly of me then thank you, if not then oh well. SIMPLY UNFRIEND AND BLOCK ME OR JUST DON'T ADD ME AT ALL!!! Simple as that. I have been a victim of hate wank for months so that's why I emphasize on this. It used to get to me before, now I laugh at how silly it all is and the fact that it's just making me more famous and/or infamous...you decide HAHAHA!!

I was stamped AS URUHA!!! WOOHOO!!!! YAAAYYYY!!!!


ashley_regret had this...I TOOK THIS ASHLEY!!!
*points up to the emblem* As of 04/12/2010

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